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A light and compact CityJSON management tool.

This tool is built as a high-level MERN application. It therefore allows developing with a single language in both server and client side. It does not rely on an operating system layer.

3D city models are structured following the CityJSON encoding, a JSON-based encoding for storing 3D city models, also called digital maquettes or digital twins. Thanks to MongooseJS, inserted models are validated in regard of CityJSON 1.0.1 specifications. These specifications define the city model schema used to structure the database (several modifications were however made to suit to document-oriented databases).


A MongoDB server is mandatory. The choice between MongoDB Atlas, Community or Enterprise Server is left open.

Everything else is packaged in this repository and installed thanks to npm.


These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

Setup the project :

npm install

Compiles and minifies for production :

npm run build

Run a local host :

npm start

By default, the application is deployed on localhost:3000 .


Documentations of the Measur3D API and the OGCAPIF can be found in the API-DOCS file (Open API 3.0).

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News in v0.3.0

The v0.3.0 of Measur3D came with several improvements :

News in v0.2.0

Public release


The management of the 3D meshes is based on the Ninja viewer and its features. This tool is developed under the supervision of Hugo Ledoux by the GeoInformation research Group from TUDelft.


This project is part of the PhD Thesis of GANys under the supervision of Prof. Roland Billen - Geomatics Unit, University of Liège, Belgium. It is also part of the SIG3.0 project funded by the National Fund for Scientific Research, Belgium.

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This project is licensed under the Apache License - see the file for details.